About us

Since 1990, Peter van der Meulen, the driving force behind Dutch Retail Concept, has been active in designing and implementing retail concepts. Until 2013, this took place within companies or in joint operations with others. In 2013 the decision was made to take up these activities completely independently.

Our method

The method of Dutch Retail Concept can best be described as involved and pragmatic. The work method in projects proceeds according to a fixed pattern:


After an initial introduction, an exploratory interview is held with the entrepreneur. Together we discuss the opportunities in the market, the specific wishes of the entrepreneur and we take the opportunities and limitations of the building into account. Based on the conversation, we describe the desired concept in terms of appearance, the presentation materials to be used and the product ranges to be included. As a potential client, you can expect us, especially at this stage, to share our knowledge and experience with you.


The description of the desired concept is the starting point for the first design. The design phase actually consists of two steps. The first of which is a design visualized in Autocad (2D). This clarifies the layout and routing within the space. When an overall agreement has been reached about the design, that version will be translated into a 3D version that clearly visualizes the image of the atmosphere to be created.
Based on the 2D and 3D version, Dutch Retail Concept provides a detailed quotation, so that the costs for such a project are also clear. This phase is not entirely free of charge, the scope of which depends on the nature and scope of the project and is communicated in advance.


Dutch Retail Concept has chosen to produce interior furniture and supporting products in collaboration with specialized companies. During the entire process, Dutch Retail Concept maintains control over the production process to guarantee the desired level of quality. The transport of the interior furniture produced is carried out by well-known transporters.


Whether it concerns the interior of a floristry or a garden center, Dutch Retail Concept works with a permanent team of specialists to implement the design as determined in the design phase. Experience shows that insights and / or wishes arise in regard to the interior during the realisation of the project. The team of specialists has the qualities to realize such adjustments. After the installation phase, it is up to you as an entrepreneur and your team to provide the commercial presentations.

Where can we meet?

Dutch Retail Concept is an internationally operating company. To maintain contact with potential customers, we are present at international expositions such as IPM in Essen and Iberflora in Valencia . We also visit Trex in the Netherlands and other international garden center expositions.

Store Concept

An effective store concept is the path to a successful business. Determining the right store concept for a company requires research. What is your market and who are your customers, but also what ambition do you have as an entrepreneur? Dutch Retail Concept helps you analyze your positioning in the market. Whether it concerns minor adjustments, concept renewal or the start of a new store concept, we are happy to advise and support you in drawing up plans and implementing ideas.

3D Visualization

When the shop concept is theoretically determined, these ideas are translated to 3D visualizations, so that it immediately becomes clear to you what the overall picture will look like. In this phase it is possible to make changes to the concept. Based on the business analysis, the routing and layout are converted into a well schemed retail concept.

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Dutch Retail Concept
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DRC partners

Cor van der Meulen (Instore Building Holland), Peter van der Meulen (Dutch Retail Concept) and Rob Torn (Garden Retail Management Support) have joined forces. Through this collaboration, we can offer a wide range of services in business advice and interior design.

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